Christmas Newsletters Kill Me Now!

By: Tate

My husband and I have a really cool set of “couple friends”

I mean, that is really hard to come by. This married couple who have 3 kids the same as us, same ages, yadda . It was perfect….perfect until:

They sent a mother effing Christmas news letter!!!!!!!
Yeah- telling us about all their breath taking vacations – did you know how beautiful Iceland is?? Eeeffff no. I feel like I travel the world when I get to go down every aisle at the grocery store.

The letter went on for two pages describing promotions, Au pairs and purchases. And before I could read about the kids accomplishments I tore up the letter and watched the pieces fall to the floor like snowflakes . Then I got out the broom and dust pan. Who else is going to clean that up????   Just kidding , I went and ate a bag of M&M’s. For all I know that mess is still there.

By the way an “Au pair” is a fancy nanny sort that usually come from another country.
-You’re welcome –

Please be on the look out for our family’s Christmas card.  It will be filled with news of : “hey- I wasn’t fired this year” and  “guess how many times we contracted head lice this year”

(not the actual Christmas card)tate-xmas-letter


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