The topic of today is MY CHILD….not yours!

By: Ben

By nature I’m a very strange person.  I’ve been called a walking contradiction several times in my life.  I guess I’m hard to figure out and that’s okay.

I don’t really like to hear about other peoples’ children.  I’m probably not interested for the most part.  As a caveat, I will say there are select people out there whose children I have a genuine interest in…but that list is very small.

But, when I talk about my child, I expect everyone to listen.  I expect everyone to hang on every word I say about my child.  I expect people to be engrossed in the conversation.  I expect them to listen.  I expect them to think that my child is as beautiful, brilliant and advanced as I do.  BUT, I also know this isn’t typically the case.  I know, like myself, many people are typically not interested in how amazing someone else’s child is.  That’s okay. I get it.  I can handle that.

Now, one thing I cannot handle is when I’m talking about my child and someone starts talking about their child!  NO! I’m just going to stop you right there. This conversation is about my child’s successes…not yours!  When I’m done, you can talk about your child and I will pretend to listen.  This is NOT a contest (and likely if it were, my child would out-do your child in cuteness, smarts and overall ability 9 times out of 10), I’m simply telling you about my child’s recent milestones. Pretend to listen and I’ll return the favor later.

It is like that person that always has to one-up you.  If my child walked on the moon, their child likely walked on the surface of the sun.  Let’s not compare.

And, I’m a pet lover.  I love animals of all kinds.  But raising your pet is not like raising a human being…so please don’t insult me by comparing the two.






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