Grandparent Hangover

By: Tate

When people post pictures of the kids on Facebook instead of commenting “cute kids” (I mean they’re kids . They’re all cute- like puppies) instead I’m posting things like:  “where did you get that lamp” and ” nice curtains …”

If the house is a complete disaster in the background of the picture, I will hit the like button every time,  just for keeping things real.

How many people roll their eyes when they get a Christmas card of a picture that they already “liked” on Facebook?
Probably none.

My oldest has been at his grandparents all week. I was excited for him (and me) but always come to regret the decision because all the bratty-ness that comes from being spoiled the entire time. It’s similar to drinking. It’s all a great idea until the hangover sets in.
New term: grandparent hangover


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