The Family Dynamic

By: Tate

What it’s like on the inside of a minivan:

I have a 6 year old boy (D), 3 year old girl (CC) and a 2 year old boy (Y).

CC–(3 year old girl): Talking non-stop gibberish, ranging from topics of her baby “Patty” (who won’t stop crying) to Donald Duck who is apparently a selfish boyfriend to Daisy. She also wants “Chick-Kill-A.”

D (Oldest  son) “CC, I can’t hear the movie.”

CC: “Dad, turn up the movie, we can’t hear it.”

D: “No, I want you to stop talking.”

CC : “Dad, D told me to stop talking!!!”

And she then continues to talk about how she needs to talk and then starts a rendition of jingle bells.

D: *Rolls his eyes.*

Y (my 2 year old) : Sits happily, suspiciously quiet though he’s probably glad we didn’t forget him somewhere.


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