Shirtless Nerf Gun Fights

By: Tate

There is a house on my street. Every time I run by it, there is always a lot of noise: laughing, cheering, yelling. It seems like a lot of fun in there.

I’m going to let you all know now that Ben edits all my stuff. I’m a grammar Nazi’s worst nightmare. For me grammar is like driving – too many rules to keep up with. (Editor’s note: I never change anything except grammar and mechanics.  All material is original to Tate.)

Last night the boys had a “shirts-off” nerf gun fight. Then CC came and asked me if she could take her shirt off. So she did. Then I wanted to take my shirt off. So I did. Mind you my modesty level is a turtle neck at the beach. But it felt good out there, fat rolls and stretch marks exposed without a care in the world. Except when CC started pointing and asking “what’s that??” She can be a snob. Mind your own business, kid.

I asked my mom last night if she would look at the blog. She texted back “I taught you about laundry!”
No she didn’t- besides learning about laundry sounds super boring.

I got really excited about the blog, last night. Mainly because I like all the colors and fonts.

Cheers Dears!


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