At the movies…

By: Tate

I took my kids to the movies ………LIKE AN IDIOT.

But there was sort of a really sweet moment. It didn’t happen with me and my crew (H to the NO) but between another parent and her child.
There is quite a space between the previews and movie. In that space of black nothingness I overheard a mom tell her child “I love you” and of course the child returned the sentiment.

Ugh! I melted, because when I have just the 1 kid with me -I do that too!  It’s such a cool moment when you are with your kid and they are really excited and you are really excited for the same thing and it’s dark and quiet and you are both there together in the movie theater.
Of course I had all three of my kids and when you are a genius like me and take toddlers to a theater, special moments are when the people who sit in front of the two angel babies don’t beat the crap out of you for ruining their movie experience. Those are my special moments, and special people.

No- I was very happy for that mom and kid to have that moment in time together. Don’t mind me threatening my kids within an inch of their lives. I’m just jealous of your special moment.

After the movie I went to the car wash and got my mini van cleaned… the Ultimate Wash… makes me feel like Beyoncé, all glamorous.


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