Christmas Kryptonite

By: Tate

One thing I really pat myself on the back for is that I taught my kids the song “Blue Christmas.” This is what I like to call “Christmas Kryptonite.”
Christmas Kryptonite= songs that drive you mad at Christmas.
Anyway, I taught my kids Blue Christmas because it’s my husbands Kryptonite and it’s really funny to see his eyes bug out of his head when the kids randomly sing it.

My Christmas Kryptonite= Christmas Shoes.
I walked out of church one Sunday because it was featured in the special music. I can’t get down with all that.

Another parenting “high five” I give myself: buying some hella expensive toothpaste. it’s charcoal and I don’t care about its health benefits. But to see my kids get really freaked out when that stuff starts foaming at my mouth like black lava. It was $10.00 well spent!


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