Tap Out

By: Tate

Sometimes I have got to “tap-out” because guess what:  I may have been an amazing mom that day. That’s right.  But you know what a great mom day feels like at the end? Like someone physically beat me with a baseball bat.

Yeah, so when bedtime or dinner time comes around, I look at my husband and he can usually tell that I need to tap-out because my face looks like some one ate it. Yep, I’m about to tap-out. That means “get the Hell out of Dodge.” I simply can’t take anymore little voices or hands or kids anymore.  And this ace of a day in your mommy report card is about to become a failure. I have reached the threshold and am about to lose your S.
“Tap- out” – when you get a free pass to skip out on some daily/nightly ritual you usually partake in.

But don’t get it twisted- there are some days my husband comes home to find me crying in a locked bathroom. And the kids are still in their pajamas. Not my best work.

My husband and I have a traditional marriage. He brings home the bacon and I let it go bad in the fridge because I really hate cooking and cleaning. Plus raw meat really grosses me out. Most of my days are spent thinking on how to get out of cooking for my family.

By the way, my husband wants me to call him “T-bone” in this blog. He signs all of our kids’ documents by this name. And no one has ever called him this name. Ever.


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