Thoughts for the day…

By: Tate

  • So I was reading about lobotomies- they really ought to bring some of that back. 


  • I’m going through a no make-up phase. It should be okay to walk around with your own face. 


  • Going through the bank or pharmacy drive through, my kids always give me their food orders. 


  • I don’t watch the news. The news messes with my head and I start becoming one of those people that buy lots of water and canned goods for “the end.” And honestly I don’t have the storage space for all of that. So, no storage space=no news 


  • I heard gossip that my alma mater is doing away with the Political Science department.  My Dad says, ” I didn’t know they had one.”  That is what my degree is in. No matter – my toilets are not going to scrub themselves. “Why don’t you get your Masters?” Some one might ask, “Well, it’s because I hung my diploma in my bathroom, in the space above the loo.  And there really isn’t anymore room without it looking junked up- you understand. “ 

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