So my kids’ rooms are beyond disaster status. My son sits down and says “this will take forever.”  I totally agree and we find something better to do. 

Though when I tuck the kids in, I think aloud: “Good grief if their is a fire 🔥no one is getting out alive.”

And there it is. I then start focusing and worrying about how I am positive my kids are going to perish in a fire and it will be all my fault because I am a slob-ka-bob. 

The kids are in bed asleep and I check the smoke alarms-make sure they are in good shape. Try to go to bed but end up walking around the house periodically to make sure that we have not all caught on fire. I do this 6 times. 

The thing is I do this about once a month. If it’s not fire, I’m certain the roof doesn’t have enough support and it’s going to cave in, you know, completely normal things like that. 


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