Meet the Trufs

By: Tate

Meet my neighbors : The Trufs. 

A family of 7 that live next door. 

A husband, wife and their band of grown, adult kids with never ending shenanigans that at times could overwhelm Charles Manson, nonetheless always entertaining. 

Latest story: 

While the Trufs live next door to us in a pretty normal neighborhood in a low social-economic rural town. They come from wealthy New York society who relocated to Texas in the early 70’s. 

For Christmas the Trufs do dinner with upper crust extended family at one of Fort Worth’s finest steakhouse. 

Mom tells the adult kids, “Be sure to dress up.” Oldest son attends the dinner wearing full wizard costume, complete with hat and wand. 

2nd son comes out wearing a top of the line tailored suit. 

2nd son drinks too much wine (highly out of his character) and goes missing from dinner. 

Mom receives a text from the son saying that he is lost and has stepped in dog poop. 

Family finds the son in back alley behind the restaurant. He hasn’t stepped in dog poop, he has lost all control of his own bowel movements and is laying in it. 

Night ends with mom hosing down her son  in her relative’s backyard.

I love Christmas stories with happy endings.


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