New Years

By: Tate

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. And now that New Years here and I want to wear some sort of swanky dress that glitters.

It can’t happen.

After all those major food holidays there is not enough sequins on this earth to place on a dress for me. Who designed this holiday season??? I want answers.

What gets me the most is New Years is made for me -ME!

Displaying image1.GIF

If I ruled the world, I would wear couture gowns everyday.  I don’t even like jeans… JEANS! I love heels and glitter and crowns and all that jazz and now that my time has come even my very normal jeans won’t button.

It’s all my fault.

In other news, the kids and I are going to the doughnut shop for the 3rd time this week. 🍩
Why there isn’t an emoji with its mouth full and crumbs on the face is beyond me.


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