Adult Coffee Mugs & Kid’s Cereal

By: Tate

I’m not trying to be cute here. I just needed some coffee and all the adult mugs are dirty.


Those magic 3 words a 3 year old can say:”I need privacy. ” Heavens, yes, girl meee too!!!!!

The people at Trix could probably make a lot of money if they could turn that cereal into some body spray. It smells so good. Who would not want to smell like Trix? Look at me trying to help millionaires make more money. I am such a nice person.
You’re welcome, General Mills Cereal.
I mean good grief , they made it into a yogurt for a while didn’t they? Body spray can’t be worse than that.

Sometimes I wonder why I am here. And not running the world or creating body sprays out of kids cereals.
Disclaimer: I love it here.


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