I have a Dyson

By: Tate

Another great thing about 3 year olds is that they have flawless fashion ideas:


Notice the Dyson vacuum in the reflection.

– Ok- I know I just named dropped there. Yes, I have a Dyson. I hate it when people say “I have a Dooney” or “hand me my Coach bag.”
Lady you have a purse so stop being bullshi.
Unless you have a Louis Vuitton bag. Then I’m hella jealous and I give you all authority to call your bag by name.

By the way T-bone points out to me not everyone is familiar with the term “bullshi.” You see I grew up around this phrase, though I have never written it out before.
It actually makes more sense written out than spoken. Say it out loud to see what I mean. It basically means someone putting on airs about themselves.

I digress- did I mention I have a Dyson?


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