Meet Gina

By: Tate

Meet Gina:
Gina I grew up together and were next door neighbors. We know each other’s families and all that mess.
Gina and I now live on the same street. Both across the same street from our parents.
Gina is married and rescues dogs.
Gina lives in a beautiful house and is super patient with my kids.

Things that Gina is:
-Hella Smart.
(In a scary way.)
-Amazing ❤️ heart.

Things Gina is not:
– graceful
-open to new things
– warm and fuzzy

Typical convos:

Me: “Hey have you tried the Doves Nest’s Baked Brie?”

Her : “No, what is it.”

Me: “You pour a fig sauce over this cheese and you bake in a ramekin.”

Her: “A what?”

Me : “Ramekin?”

Gina: “You being bullshi with that ramekin mess.”

Me : “No- I’m just trying to tell…..”

Gina interrupts (loud): “What the hell is a ramiken- you know I don’t know what that is.”

Me: I’m trying to explain to her a ramiken and how I don’t think they are bullshi.

Her (talking over me as I explain): she is continuing her rant on the mysteries of said ramekins.

T-bone says she is our Madea. Not in a manly, old lady way. But in a way where trouble follows but there is no better person to have on your side.
I’m not bragging about our adventures. They are not Thelma and Louise cool. They are like two second grade girls that are super clumsy and get lost and say the wrong things kind of way. We can be well, stupid. There is no way of putting that kindly. We are what we are.


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