New Years

By: Tate

I know it is really cool to be a housewife and drink 🍷 wine. And I used to be one of them. Until the one night….

T-bone and I get invited to a Christmas party every year. It is something we look forward to all year long because:
–  No kids
– the adults are professional city folks. (we don’t get a lot of that)
– we are one of the few couples that have kids. So the rule is no kid talk.
– it’s not even a couples party- plenty of single people! Which is 👏 awesome.

Something that is not awesome:

I got wasted.

I thought since I was one of these hip moms that drinks a glass of wine everyday, that I could handle taking 5 shots of fireball-no problem.


It is a HUGE problem. Puking during the party is not cute. Telling people your name is Lauren is also not cute.
Sleeping on a luggage rack at the hotel that your husband splurged on is NOT awesome either.

But here is the real kicker!!! We got invited back for New Years!!! Omgeeeee, a second chance for me to redeem myself and to show people I can be normal!!!!


My mom, who was supposed to babysit was having a medical issue and I had to babysit her instead. So I missed a my chance to be normal with cool people in the city.

I tried to cheer myself up by creating a “New Years midnight glitter run”on the Facebook.

No one responded.


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