Urban Dictionary

By: Tate

When I was baby sitting my mom the other day…. she had pins sticking out of her toes from surgery (her toes wouldn’t stop throwing up gang signs before surgery. And I don’t know the medical term used for gang sign toes.)
Anyway while I was babysitting her- I showed her and one of her besties Urban Dictionary.

Ugh, big mistake. I can still hear those two hens laughing over there. And if my mother asks me about one more inappropriate sexual term, I’m going to pull those toe pins out and stab her with them.

But as luck would have it- T-bone took one looks at those gangly toes and told me to get a pedicure whenever I want one. Homeboy is just afraid that one day my toes might start throwing up gang signs. But I don’t care-give me the pedi!!!!!


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