The plight of the poor and hungry…

By: Tate

Ugh! I locked myself and my 3 kids out of the house…this isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

And it was FREEZING .

I don’t do well with the elements.

But T-bone who gets a little bit weary of all my shenanigans would not drive an hour out of the way to let me in.

So, I text Gina-she is studying-blah!

Then I take my kids to my parents’ house across the street.

Oh- isn’t that nice – you have your folks right across the street.

Yeah – it’s nice. But it can be like living across from an insane asylum.

You people haven’t met my parents yet because I really don’t know if you have the stomach for it. If I had it my way-I’m not really sure if I would have T-Bone meet them yet.

As crazy as they are-I’m 100% their daughter.

For example: We go over today and as I mentioned, it’s legit almost freezing. But guess what? Dad doesn’t think it is time to turn on the heat yet.  He just turns the stove burners on?????

I’m not even surprised. So, me and kids are hovering on the couch. Chattering.

The kids are hungry, but there is nothing there to eat and I have no money. And then I ask my dad for money, which is a disaster because he doesn’t understand why I can’t whip up something in the kitchen like a real mom.

I can’t cook-at all. Plus, I really hate cooking. And it doesn’t help that my mom is somewhat of a gourmet and I can’t understand the things in her kitchen.

So I drive around town for a little while to see who can give me some money because I’m a starv’n marv’n.

I see no one who will understand my plight and throw money at me. My dad used to have a charge account at the gas station I used to work at. But the owner of the station is also my Sunday school teacher and my attendance is not on the up and up.

Help me – I’m poor. And super hungry.

T-bone gets home and I’m so done with the day and mad with hunger, hangry-if you will- I just cry so he can really see how pathetic I am.

I finally come out of my room and my oldest said he could hear me crying-yeah-well mommy is a baby sometimes.

Then, he rats on me to T-bone and tells him that if he gets another tardy, he has to go to Saturday school. What??? For the love of Abraham Lincoln can I not get a break???

T-bone gives me a look that communicates “get your S together.”

So, I have to figure out how to fly right for a little while and keep my nose clean.


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