By: Ben

In case anyone was wondering…there has been zero progress in my daughter’s interest in me.  It actually seems to have gotten worse.

She knows I am her daddy.  But at this point she really doesn’t know what to do with me. You know when you put together an item that has “some assembly required” and when you’re all finished, you have those extra pieces?  You know those extra pieces are probably important for something but you’re just not sure how.  That’s me.  I’m the extra piece in my daughter’s life that she isn’t quite sure what to do with yet.

She celebrated her first birthday this past weekend and I guess I truly thought that when she turned 1, there would be this magic switch that flipped and she’d miraculously become the daddy’s girl everyone has been promising me she would become.  Guess what?  That didn’t happen.  The only thing that flipped, was my daughter when I tried to hold her and love on her.

Although she is my child made over–she is her mother’s daughter through and through.

There are a few things I can do to bribe her to sit with me quasi-calmly.  It usually involves an electronic device that she can play with: a cell phone, iPad, laptop…but really the only thing that has gotten me in the long run is a disabled iPhone because she input the wrong password too many times.

And yes, I also realize this sets an expensive precedent.  “Come see daddy and he’ll give you an Ipad!”  “Come see daddy and you can call Tokyo on his cell phone!”  I can just see in about sixteen or so years…”Daddy will buy you a BMW if you’ll just acknowledge his existence for two seconds!”

I’ll deal with the fallout later.  I guess it bothers me more than I would like to admit but there’s no reasoning with a one year old.



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