My day

By: Tate

Do you ever read Dallas or Fort Worth Child?

They usually do articles on beautiful, successful moms and ask them to submit a time schedule of their typical day it’s usually something like waking up super early and going to bed really late, filled with exercise, quality time with kids and spouse, and doing some type of important job that makes lots of money. They do all of this while looking flawless. They also put something cool in their day like – “I always listen to BeyoncĂ© with the windows down and volume up.”

So I’m going to do one of my day:

Wake up-go back to sleep



One more time

Wake up, for realz

Ok, now I’m tired of this interview and I want to talk about something else.

I locked myself out of the house again today. Two hours. The tricky part was CC was still inside and could not undo the deadbolt so T-bone came home to let me in.

And told me to get a spare key.

I did not get a spare key made because I was too busy picking the extra mascara off my eyelashes, leftover from the day before.

T-bone loves me anyway because there’s important football on this evening and I did make a for-shiz meal tonight. So I’m pretty much golden.


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