New Rule

By: Tate

New rules:
Any time you have a kid, you should then be assigned a family with the same type of younger kid, so they can get all of the first kid’s junk.

And so on.

The thing about kids is they don’t want new toys, they want different toys. Same with clothes and all of that.

There is a woman in Italy that brings loads of stuff for my kids: clothes, toys, shoes. Her name is Sally and I call those “Sally Sacks.”

She gets some of that stuff from another family and passes it on when she no longer needs it.

The “Sally Sacks” then go to another family after we outgrow the clothes, stop playing with they toys etc.

So, essentially there is a pair of Carter’s camo shorts who’s original owner is in Junior. High. And now my youngest is set to wear them next.

This may already be a thing, but I think the stuff should be called “Sally Sacks” because it’s really catchy. And it sounds like something you can look up on Urban Dictionary.


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