By: Tate

This is a picture of my grandmother and I.

Not really. This image is from the movie, Tammy. But close. Don’t worry my grandma was way cooler than Susan Sarandon who played Melissa McCarthy’s grandmother in Tammy. My grandmother would never fall for the wrong Allman Brother.

Today marks one year she died. And I miss her most of the time. Our favorite thing to do was to hit up all the re-sale shops. We love making it rain at Catholic Charities buying all kinds of “pretty-pretties.” It annoyed everyone in the family but being fabulous is hard.

I always told her I would recite the rap song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore at her funeral.  Of course I couldn’t because the whole funeral I was crying my eyes out and wondering WTH was my uncle’s Yorkie doing in the service? I mean has anyone seen that before? I don’t know, distraction is a wonderful thing. So I was glad the dog could make it.

One  of the coolest things I saw as a mom was on her death bed. As my mom and I were struggling with what we were facing, she grabbed my mom’s hand and said  “how ya doin?” As chipper as she could be. Excuse me but my heart is breaking here. The more I think about it, she was a mom until the end. She was trying to comfort us during her last moments.

Not me, on my death bed I will probably be screaming for more drugs and complaining about the bed. But at least I know now how to rip someone’s heart out, should I need to.

Life is definitely less sparkling without her.

I love you, Donna Stewart.



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