By Tate

I always preface a nosy question with: “I’m not trying to be all up in yo bizznazz,but..”

Then I proceed to get up all in someone’s business and get really comfortable there within there bizznazz.

So I am in the sauna…this really pretty woman is getting ready for some sort of fit class. She told me a little bit about it. And I was like “nah” I’m out. When I know I need to be.

Anyways she said that how lucky we are to have Gold’s Gym fit class. And I’m like “totally – so lucky” completely sarcastic.

She then tells me she takes her daughter to Rockwall for therapy. Then she talks about the fit class. Then back to her daughter’s caregiver and so on.

So then I just come out and ask…. what kind of therapy?

It’s physical therapy for her 21 year old daughter who was in a wreck a year and a half ago.

She said “we lost her” and now we have her back.

She then showed me pictures of her her daughter as everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. Then a pic of her flat lining in the hospital.

Throughout this whole time this single mom (with another younger daughter) has been teaching her adult daughter how to live again. All the things we teach our babies, she is doing it all over again.

I start bawling in the sauna in front of this lady. Have you ever cried in a sauna? It’s the ugliest you have ever looked – believe me.

I know how hard it can be the first time around. She is doing it the second time around. And she is in that fit class looking beautiful and I have 3 healthy kids blubbering in the sauna.

Prayers for you and your daughter Maria!


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