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 By Tate
There is a really popular book out right now. I don’t know the name of it and I haven’t read it. But-I have had friends that have read parts of it and given me a generalized summary of what the book is about.That’s what I call reading in my world. I don’t need to fool around with details like words and all that mess.

So anyway- the book is about decluttering and putting your hand on everything you own. And asking your self, “does this bring me joy?”  Unless the thing is chocolate or presents none of my junk is going to give me joy. So basically I’m throwing out half my possessions.

But then I come to a useless basket of corks that I kept during the years. Right now the sight of them still makes me sick (reference one of the earlier posts)


So send me your address and I will mail you my collection of corks.

Because who doesn’t love a trip to the local Post office?  Me!  I don’t. I actually loath going to the post office.

In other news we are going to start an official count of how many times I lose my keys and phone for 2017: 4

We are off to a great start!


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