Chores and Pills

I don’t know a lot of things but I tell you this:
Be nice to old people because they have lots of pills.
Old people guard your pills and don’t let young people butter you up. They only want your pills.
Top sheets are for losers. You don’t need top sheets in your life. It only slows you down. “Get a duvet, call it a day”
Making the bed will be so much easier.
Do you know what a wash house is? I am pretty sure it’s one of the levels of hell in the book,  Inferno by Dante Alighieri
A wash house is in the back yard where people used to put the washer and dryer. I live in an older house and I have a wash house. So that means I have to take all my laundry outside to this shed. Many loads of clothes have gone into the garbage because I totally forgot about something in the wash and the mildew smell won’t go away.
My 2017 resolution is to somehow figure out how to do laundry inside my house. We are labeling this resolution: “Operation Dirty Sock.” And it has officially commenced.
Whenever you have something to do and it’s not very cool or sexy like laundry, you should put a title on it like : “Operation Dirty Sock” or one time I wanted to lose weight and I called it: “Mission Glamorous.” Because honestly no one wants to hear the whole story of what you are doing with your life.
I also don’t prewash my dishes I just stick them in the dishwasher and hope for the best.
T-bone got fancy on me and started getting copper ware. That’s fine, but it’s super high maintenance and doesn’t like the dishwasher. Ugh!
It is my own personal belief that if it can not be put in the dish washer it should not be allowed on Earth.

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