Fitness Freak

By: Tate

I drank my coffee with no creamer this morning. Which means I am Tracy Anderson.
I think Tracy Anderson is someone who is super healthy. I could be wrong.

Anyway- so because my coffee is almost raw, in my own mind I’m a fitness freak and totally obsessed with anything fitness/health.

Fitness gurus I can think of:

Jack LaLane- old muscle guy RIP
Susan Powder- buzz cut
Actress that protested Vietnam.
The guy with crazy hair and shorts. He held me when I was a baby(FYI)
Jillian Michaels- has resting B face or really hates you. I don’t know.
Tracy Anderson- who works out all the really fit starts like Gwyneth and  madonna.
Lance Armstrong: rode his bike on the moon and it cured his cancer.
Susan Summers- thigh master

That’s everything I know about fitness. I’m thinking of marketing my knowledge to help others less fortunate than I.


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