By Tate
Right now my T-bone 🍖 and I are helping Gina study for a history exam. I was a Political Science major and T-bone was a Business major.
We are all in our thirties and we are all idiots.
My husband and I really like history.
We know nothing. I fear Gina will fail this test but I don’t say so.
However! Did you know there was a South Carolina Congressman-Preston Brooks-who beat another dude with a cane? Homeboy was feisty! It was an all out cane fight.
It’s actually a sad story:
Brooks, a democrat and slave owner “caned”  Charles Sumner, a republican from Boston who was an abolitionist. Evidently Sumner gave a polarizing speech that really put slave owners in their place. Well, Preston Brooks was still mad about it 2 days later and nearly beat Sumner to death with a cane.
Be a Sumner that makes great speeches don’t be a Brooks, he hits with canes.
Gina is in college. She is finishing what she started over 10 years ago. Unfortunately Gina went down a dark path when she started college and didn’t finish. In that time she has beat addiction and doesn’t smoke or drink! EVER! So now I have to mind my P’s and Q’s around Gina. Which can be a bummer-but we are really proud of Gina.

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