Pregnancy Tests

By Tate

So get this.

Talking to my mom…I ask her how long did women go before a doctor confirmed their pregnancy. We are talking about 40’s early 50’s. Evidently they did not have any type of home pregnancy test.
This is what Deeds (my mom) says: “the doctor would send the woman’s urine to a lab and there they would inject either a rabbit or a frog with the urine. If the animal died the woman was pregnant.

I look at her like Edward Munch’s painting, “The Scream.”


In no way can this be true. How in the world would they even know something like that???

She tells me to google it. So I know she is serious.
H to the NO! I’m not googling that mess! Good grief.

But in all fairness to her she told me when I was about to walk down the aisle that I needed a blood test to go with my marriage certificate.
So I said the wedding was off and we would just live in sin because the government was not getting my blood. (When I get mad I can turn into a Raging Libertarian real fast) but it’s just the anger talking.

She was wrong but her and my dad had to do blood test to make sure the other knew if one of them carried syphilis.

From what I understand, a lot of people returning from WW1 brought home the disease and infected their partners without knowing or telling. Anyways the point is, it is probably that a lot of our great-grandparents dealt with STD’s. It’s hard to picture that for some of us.


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