The Lemon Tree, pt. 1

By Tate

T-bone and Dan are on a cruise. I’m here with the toddlers. And I have resorted back to my old college days. I’m in complete bachelor mode.
Think of the sloppiest person you know
Times that by 1000
Then throw in 2 toddlers .

A few weeks ago T-bone mentioned that he read the blog and said his character looks like he is always rolling his eyes at me.

To be fair. He is.

But today he had arranged for a co-worker to text me and to look at the bottom of his pants drawer for a present 🎁 he left.

Swoon!!!! I’m a sucker for presents!

It’s two fashion mags and a letter.

The letter is about how cool he thinks I am.
He knows just what to say.

But then the letter takes a turn…

He writes about a baby we lost.

You see the last cruise we went on in 2011 -I became pregnant. And 12 weeks later lost our “cruise” baby.

This happened right before people talked about miscarriages. I was in a weird position mourning my baby not a lot of people knew about. It was terrible in every way possible.
But there was a girl that I kind of knew…like I knew her name 5,6 perhaps 7 years ago from school. Anyways she posted about her miscarriage.

Someone who gets how I feel.
Sure, plenty of ladies have had miscarriages but they didn’t look like death warmed over and snot and tears were not a steadily flowing from their faces. So I didn’t believe them.

And being the social genius I am, I messaged her and volcanically erupted all my feelings to this person that I only semi knew.

I didn’t get a response.
That’s cool.

Back to T-bone’s letter and the sudden need to bring up the Cruise baby. T-bone says, that in the days leading up to the trip, the baby we lost occupied his thoughts. And that even though by the time I read his letter he would be on his way to Jamaica, the Cruise baby and I would be close to his heart.

Ugly crying 😭😭

Silver lining:

I was pregnant with CiCi 2 weeks after baby Cruise.
And the Dr. worried I couldn’t produce enough hormones to support a 👶 baby.

If I am anything- it is hormonal. So I was all about a challenge.
It was like my hormones heard the Dr. saying this and started to rage. It’s how me and the hormones roll.

In fact, I produced so much hormones that CiCi started growing some sort of weird growth in her stomach.

No worries, it disappeared after she was born.

So don’t go around talking smack about my hormones because they are obviously super powerful. Real talk.


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