The Lemon Tree, pt.2

By: Tate

But now that I think about it….

After the miscarriage T-bone bought me a lemon tree to plant in memory of Baby Cruise.
Have you ever seen a lemon tree? You can’t help but be happy in front of a lemon tree.

So we planted a lemon tree.
A week later I’m going through T-bones pockets to wash a load of laundry.
I found a crumpled up cardboard tag. The Tag read “Key Lime Tree.”

I tear into the bedroom like a bat out of Hell. Holding the tag and asked what it was. he froze. Think of a scene in a movie where the wife discovers another woman’s phone in jeans pocket or lip stick on the collar.

Homeboy went to buy a lemon tree and accidentally bought Key Lime. And then figured it out just before I saw it.
He said he didn’t have the heart to tell me that the memorial tree for Baby cruise was the wrong tree….
He can be so sweet.

So instead I keep little reminders of Cruise baby around the house.


That’s right instead of an actual tree I cut out of picture of one and the lemonchello candle.


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