Facebook Etiquette

By: Tate

My mom, the Deeds, trips me out. We were talking about celebrities and she comes out with “Alicia Keys doesn’t wear makeup because she just wants to show”…. what?!?!?

“Yeah” my mom continues, “she just wants to brag about how beautiful she is”
I don’t think that’s how Alicia Keys works, but Deeds has a point.

But Mother Francis do I wish my mother would stay off flipping Facebook. See, Deeds likes to comment on politics and highly passionate opinions on everyone’s wall.
What a beating.
Which usually ends with hordes of cranky baby boomers with pitch forks ready to burn her at the stake. And then it makes me want to pick up my pitchfork and burn them at the stake while the whole time Deeds is just a happy clam posting live videos.
Furthermore the women on my moms side of the family have never been big on modesty or discretion, or punctuation. So she and I have a weekly Facebook chat on what is and IS NOT acceptable on Facebook. A picture of my Dad in his robe is not something I want to see on the internets. There honestly should be a support group for those of us trying to raise our baby boomer parents.


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