Farmer Needed

By: Tate

I had a convo with my parents today.
They are looking for someone to farm their land.
I told them that I wanted to.  And I was serious about it. It’s actually one of my dreams to farm my dad’s land

So my mom, Deeds, says with out pause: “you don’t know how to farm.”
And turns to my Dad, “Do you want to teach her” before she finishes her sentence he says a resounding, “NO”.
My Dad’s name is Browder. That’s his real name. Isn’t it the coolest name ever???

They don’t want me to farm the family land.
I tell them they are horrible parents because they are supposed to want me to want this.

Isn’t it the whole point of a family farm? Don’t parents dream of shiz like that? The day one of their kids want to take over the family farm.

I can’t blame them.
My imagination is super fly but it’s sandwiched between flakiness and clumsiness. And I don’t always operate with the best logic. But I really want to be a farmer right now. So we will see. I don’t really have any money or equipment or knowledge but I can’t let stuff like that get in the way of my dreams.


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