Tiny Living

By: Ben

I’ve got some thoughts about this whole tiny living movement that’s sweeping the nation–or at least that’s sweeping the DIY network that we occasionally get to watch in between Mickey Mouse episodes.

If you know me, you know I’m not a tiny person.  I’m actually pretty large.  And I need room to spread out.  So, I don’t understand the concept of living tiny.  I mean, I get people wanting to downsize, simplify and cut their mortgage payment so they can spend more money on life…but I don’t know if I can do that at the expense of space.  I need space.  I love my family…more than anything…I really do, but I need to be able to get away from them when necessary–for everyone’s sanity.

The first friend I ever made when I moved to back to Texas at age 7 (I was born in Texas and transplanted to Kentucky as a very small child) was a girl that we’ll call Jane.  We were friends in some capacity all the way through high school and as we graduated, we went on to different life paths, lost touch and then through the power of Facebook have reconnected.  She and her husband had their first baby about a month or so after my wife and I had our first baby.  Both of us had little girls.

I read on Facebook today that Jane and her husband are in the process of building a tiny house.  My wife (JA) and I are also in the early stages of finding a new home for our family. However, the path we are taking is much different from the path Jane and her husband are taking.  JA and I already own a 3 bedroom/2 bath, 1700 square foot home that should be sufficiently sized for our family…but we’re looking to upgrade.  We’re hoping for something in the 2500 square foot range.  We need to house ourselves and all of our “stuff” and boy do we have a lot of it (both lots of selves and stuff, if you get my drift.)

While I admire their ability to live life their own way, I cannot imagine my big ass living tiny.  Or, living in such small quarters with my wife and daughter–nor do I want them to have to live in such small quarters with me.  I’m a bear, who is subject to mood swings.  We need a palatial-sized home so we can go to our opposite corners and get away from one another.  I’m afraid the 200 square feet that is afforded in a tiny home would only serve as the inevitable cage for a cage fight between me, my wife and/or my daughter in some capacity in the certain event that we start to annoy one another.

All that being said, I would certainly love a tiny house to park out back of my house to use as an office, a craft room for my wife (so she can get her shit out of our spare bedroom), or a man cave….but that’s as far as I can go in the tiny living department.



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