Biblical Blues

By: Tate

T-bone and I went to see the movie “Jackie” on my birthday.

I can’t tell you how it was because I walked out. Not because it was bad. I just wasn’t in the mood to process all the grief.
But I walk out of movies all the time. It’s what I do.

I’ve been in a real funk lately. I either idle at Ecclesiastes or Philippians moods.
Now please understand that I flunked Bible like 3 times at HSU when I was a Missions Major.
Yes, I wanted to be a missionary to far away lands, live on bread and water and all of that. Not in a Mother Theresa type of way but in a Katherine Hepburn in the movie: “African Queen” kind of way where she marries Humphrey Bogart.
But I failed almost every Bible class I ever took. So that pretty much smashed that dream.

But back to my Ephesians mood. In the Book of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon has everything and describes everything as meaningless.
Sometimes, I’m totally Like Solomon except without all the wives and the wisdom. No matter how great things are going-I can still get the blues. (I don’t think he has the blues) but that book in the Bible is kind of “bluesy” to me. And I really don’t want a Biblical debate right now because chances are I have it all wrong.
But sometimes I can be all Philippians where Paul writes from jail to the people of Philipi and he is all sunshine and rainbows even though he may be executed. You just can’t get that guy down.
I never can achieve that “happy medium”all the doctors recommend. Once my doctor told me I was looking stable…..and good grief has that compliment gone to my head.


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