Fashionista RFD

By: Tate

Every once in a while my husband and I will go out  somewhere in town for a date. We will go to Mamas Place for a burrito or a High School game.
The best part is getting ready!!!!!
I put on real clothes and putting together an ensemble gets me all jacked up.

Here’s the thing: I love fashion. Not in a sense where I’m a labor whore. I love the art and history of fashion. So while I like going to a Neiman’s. I love a good thrift.

For instance my dream is to find an original gaberdine Burberry trench coat. Because did you know the Burberry trench was designed for British soldiers for the first World War. I totally dig stuff like that. In college, I owned a pair of real WW2 Naval pants. Let me tell you, the wool and design to those bad boys are second to none!
So anyway T-Bone and I are going out to the local game and I’m all:

tate's game attire.jpg
Photo credit: my personal copy of Vogue

Now living in a small Texas town, I know I am a little bit over dressed. But I got to be me.
But see while in a magazine, this picture is breathtaking … as we all know I am no Cate Blanchett. So when I walk into an Italy game or Mama’s Place I look more like :


(Another photo out of Vogue.)

Except not as glamorous and a little more puffy.
And here’s the thing about small towns. They can be hard. Because everyone knows everyone. And in Italy everyone is somehow related to each other. And the explanation of how everyone is linked gives me tired head.
My parents moved here in 1985 and I am still alien in a lot of ways. BUT the cool part is, when I show up to places and people ask, “who’s the weird girl?” They can let them know that’s just who I am, and I have always been that way.
The cool thing is, people see my kids now and know they get it honestly and it makes me feel good that they are growing up in my small town.

President and CEO
of weirdness in rural areas.


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