Remember that time…


The kids and I went to 3 places today:
The bank, the library, and church.

In the bank CiCi put on an impromptu concert on the giant hearth. She sang the chorus of “Let it Go” 3 times at the top of her lungs.

The library got a new Tee-Pee. Y tried to jump through the window opening and thus collapsing the tent with him being stuck in the small opening.

And walking into church-out of nowhere-Dan suddenly says “remember the time Y drank that beer…?”
What the H????
Except I say the real thing because it totally throws me off-guard.
T-bone politely tells Dan we can talk about it later.
But then again it does sound like a really funny story.

I’m thinking of changing Y’s blog name to Beowulf or Essau. That one rolls pretty rough. It would not surprise me if Dan tells me that he has already thrown a kegger. I’m already saving bail money on that one.

Thank the good Lord I live in a small community and people put up with the crazy parade that I march all over town.


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