Whitney Houston Dance Party

By: Tate

Sometimes I like to secretly add T-bone into me and my mother’s text messages. Especially when we are discussing women’s hygiene.

I find some kind of sick satisfaction of making my big burly husband physically uncomfortable.

I also enjoy watching husbands being drug around by their wives in Target.
Oh man, I can just sip my cascara latte and watch those masculine drones rolling their eyes into the back of head while the wives are happy as clams shopping around at the Mother Ship.
Mother Ship= Target.

Fun things to do with your kids. Whitney Houston dance parties. Cici and I just finished twirling and jumping around to Whitney’s 1987 hit “I wanna dance with somebody ” I now want to throw-up, but in a good way.
I wrote The Whitney Houston a fan letter when I was 10 and invited her to my dance recital where I was to preform a ballet solo to “I Will Always Love You” from the motion picture: The Bodyguard.
I never heard back from her.


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