Drill Baby, Drill!!

We have this desk from when T-Bone worked for the Discount Justin Boots store In Justin, TX.
It doesn’t match anything but it was free. So we have this desk.

I have had a lot of free time on my hands because CiCi and Y have been sick. And the stomach virus has really slowed those hellions down.
So I decided to give this western desk new pulls for the drawers. Because sometimes I like to be fancy.

So, I bought some fancy ornate pulls. I paid $7.99 for these bad boys.
I don’t mean to brag about my expensive pulls. In all honesty I probably used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby. What can I say when I am rolling with coupons-I can make it rain.
Which by the way have you ever tried to be funny and make it rain while playing monopoly? It’s such a huge mess and obnoxious- save your self the 60 seconds of delight and 10 minutes on your hands and knees cleaning that shiz up.
Back to the pulls: they don’t fit.
No this is not acceptable.
We will make them fit.

So I found T-Bone’s drill. And I have fallen in love. Power tools are my calling and I got such a rush. I am going to have to find more ways to use that thing.
Holes all over the place.

The left hole is bigger.
So what. Don’t come over my house and expect normal desk holes.
That is not how it works here.


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