The Devil’s Handiwork

By: Tate

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…

Time change is coming . And it is the Spring Forward one that makes you want to murder.

Why couldn’t Benjamin  Franklin mind his own business with that?
You know he just wanted to save candles. CANDLES!  And for that we all have to suffer through it.
There was a lot more time and people that were involved with bringing us Daylight Savings Time  including Presidents: Woodrow and Delano (I call FDR Delano because it’s a my little pet name for him) don’t get it twisted though I love Teddy, the other Roosevelt most.
But back to the devil’s handy work of Daylight Savings Time. Who really wants to distribute blame? It’s fun just piling on one person, especially someone like Ben Franklin who can’t defend himself. Ben also came up with the concept of Common Law Marriage. Which doesn’t bother me because it doesn’t leave me tired and ragged the way DST does.

So Day Light Savings doesn’t bother you?

You can’t see me but my arm is motioning towards the door and I’m telling you to “GET OUT”

Because like women who don’t have stretch marks after they give birth, people who have no trouble with DST simply cannot exist to me. And if that seems super harsh and wrong. So be it. I am what I am.

Happy Presidents Day!


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