The Town Cafe

By: Tate

If you live in a small town like I do – you may have a cafe.
You might- if you are lucky.
Because what I discovered: not all small towns have “the” cafe. And that is so sad to me.
How else do people come together to work out the problems of the world if they don’t have a cafe to gather? It’s like having your own local Manhattan Project, except you can also eat pie and chicken strips too.

Sadly- our little town lost our cafe a year ago and now the sweet lady who owned and operated it has passed away.

My wedding rehearsal dinner was at the Uptown Cafe in Italy and we had every thing fried up because that is the way things ought to be.

This was also the place where you could come home from school and your Dad would ask how was “In School Suspension?”
And how the heck did he already know that you had ISS, but the Cafe. When there is a Cafe you can’t get away with a whole lot.
It’s a great checks and balances system.

Sweet and Sassy Dorris will be missed.


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