By: Tate

I needed to let my hair down on Friday night.
So, I loaded up the kids, put a movie on in the minivan and I picked up Gina.

We drive out to the highway 35 and hit up the Sonic and it wasn’t even happy hour. I made it rain and paid full price. Because I’m a baller.

Then we had to stake out some out-of-town buses that we saw rolling through.
You know once we saw the same type of buses 🚌 try to empty their holding tanks through town and we just can’t have all that. We have enough probs without all that urine and Heaven knows what else on our roads.
Which was a little disappointing because I was sort of looking to turn someone into the EPA or whatnot.

Then after that, we drove by the new sexual offender’s  address. Because we both got postcard in the mail warning us of his high risk status. Whatever that means.
We  researched the internets about him  and came up with all the theories of what went down with various degrees of best and worst case scenarios.
Gina always has the best theories. Often they are most disturbing but that’s probably why we are friends.

Then Gina got a text about some cheese and jalapeño tamales. So, she had to go meet someone in an ally somewhere to get her fix. You can’t come between a girl and her tamales.

All in all- it was a productive evening.


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