Facebook Live Can Suck It

By: Tate

Let me start out:  it takes a lot to be me. To wake up every morning and know I have to face the day knowing full well… that I am going to have to be me all day.

With all of that said .
I went Facebook “live” Tuesday afternoon without knowing.
For the record : I don’t do the live stuff. I don’t even like my picture to be taken.
I once told a pastor of a church that I would not join because I didn’t want my picture made and displayed out in the foyer.

So try to imagine my horror when I look at my phone and discover that
for 5 whole minutes my Facebook recorded live audio of me and my kids.
I won’t watch the video- I can’t.
By the time I realized what happened.
There had been 74 views and 25 comments.

If you just thought “no big deal”
Go jump in the lake.

Just to be sure this will never happen again I erased the Facebook app and now have to go on the internets and manually log into my account every time.

Mama didn’t raise no fool.


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