It should say “About Us.” Tate and I are co-authoring this blog. It is a parenting guide for those of you who have a similar take on child rearing as she and I do. Or for those of you who simply want to laugh at our misfortune as we try to parent.

Tate describes her method of parenting as “odd and crass but would go to great lengths for the love of my children.” I have to agree with this statement. As Tate is clearly the expert parent in this duo (she has three children. I have one–who is barely a year old) I defer to her expertise.

Lets get a couple of things straight. Tate and I are married. Just not to each other. We are both happily married to other people. My wife and I have been married for three years and Tate and her husband have been married for nine. We don’t live even remotely close to one another. She lives in the DFW area and I live in the Midland area in West Texas. So how did this blog begin?

Tate and I met about ten or so years ago in college. We both attended Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene. We had mutual friends and were friendly acquaintances with one another but we didn’t really know each another very well. Tate was involved in the college experience and is a friendly person.  I worked three jobs and didn’t really give a rip about the college experience.  In fact, much later, Tate informed me that I actually intimidated her in college.

Fast forward about eight or nine years…we both attended a going away party for a favorite political science professor from HSU, became friends on facebook and realized our parenting style was similar, if dysfunctional. I had a bizarre idea to start a parenting blog after reading many of the shenanigans Tate and her children get into….and after realizing how woefully unprepared I was (am) as I helped to raise my child in this first year of her life.

Likely you will find some laughs, maybe commiserate with us a little and knowing Tate and I like I do, you’ll probably be offended at some point. Whatever the case–enjoy. Or don’t.  Or judge us.  It’s really up to you.