Yetti’s Birthday

By: Tate

We recently celebrated the Yetti’s Birthday. My youngest is now 3.
We threw a birthday pool party with family.
It was obvious success.

Yetti's Cake.jpg

This is the cake.
Many asked “what were you going for?”
My answer: edible.
You see this isn’t supposed to be anything but 4 small layered cakes.
No decorations- nothing.

How am I supposed to know you are supposed to put stabilizer in layered cakes. I thought the filling was supposed to act as some type of adhesive – but it doesn’t.
It just makes the cakes slippery.

Did I mention that The Yetti went off and jumped into the pool without his floaties?
Yes- this happened. And he sank like a rock.
No worries though I went right on in after him: clothes, shoes and all.

This is no surprise to me. The same thing happened, last year, with CiCi.

And just like last year I ruined my Minnetonka Moccasins.
But my kid is still alive.
So I’m happy about that.

But I still want my Minnetonka Moccasins.


The Bend and Snap

By: Tate

Some of us will remember the time Elle Woods taught America the “Bend and Snap” in the cinematic classic:
Legally Blonde.

Bend and Snap

If you have not seen this masterpiece …what’s wrong with you?

Anyway… around here me and the kids still do the Bend and Snap.


It just looks a little different.

Shocked? That I snap my own green beans.
Me too.


Green Beans


Spring Break

By: Tate

It’s Spring break.
Thankfully my in-laws are probably some of the greatest set of grandparents.
So my kids have that going for them.
Thank God.
They took Dan and are showing him a good time. Plus he needs to get away from the two babies.

Because here’s the thing about Spring Break…
Everyone is on Spring break.
“Oh let’s go to the Zoo”
Everyone and their mother is at the Zoo.
Crowds and a bunch of kids… just kill me now.
Plus, I start thinking that’s the perfect “hot bed” scenario for molesters and kidnappers to come out and mix and mingle with kids and crowds.

In children’s church, all the kids were telling me all their fascinating plans of Disney, Camping and the Great Wolf Lodge. I look over at Dan and semi-promise to get his Christmas present (trampoline) put up.  I felt all the peer pressure from his friends who have good parents or rich parents that plan fabulous vaca’s for their kids.
4 days into Spring break and that trampoline is still in the box 😞


Nobody’s Ethel

You know you are old and bitter when you watch an episode of the I Love Lucy show and think about the time when you overheard your friend’s mom refer  your friendship as

“Lucy and Ethel”

And all you can think about is the fact that she called you the Ethel in the the friendship.
So now I can’t like her because she basically me old, fat and too dumb to come up with my own awesome ideas.

New shirt idea:
“Nobody’s Ethel ”
On a grey shirt.